NS Atmosphere Programmer keeps crashing

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  1. rjarni

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    Aug 31, 2018

    So I recently purchased the NS atmosphere dongle and am now trying to load a payload onto it through the programmer application. I've managed to install the drivers and it's now showing up in device manager as it should. Issue is that whenever I load up the application and select the serial port drop down the application crashes.

    Has anyone had this issue? If so how did they get by it?

  2. Eduba

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    Aug 7, 2018
    If you are using a 3.0 USB Port, try another one or try to use a 2.0 port.
  3. thesjaakspoiler

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    Nov 20, 2018
    For those with the Programmer in OSX Mac that keeps on crashing :
    When the Programmer tries to initialize something non-working like the Bluetooth port, it somehow doesn't handle the error.
    If you select something non-existing like the Bluetooth serial port (cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port) in my case , the application instantly crashes.
    It will also crash the next time you try to open it because it keeps a preference file.
    It will be stuck in the same loop even if you reinstall the application.
    Remove the file called 'Bossa Preferences' in '/Users/<your_fancy_username>/Library/Preferences/' to get out of the loop.
    Make sure that you select a serial device that is the actual dongle.

    For Windows, I presume that removing the preferences from the registery will also work. (see official website)
    The Mac application doesn't need to be reinstalled after removing the preferences.
    Maybe the Windows application does need to be reinstalled.
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