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    So last night I decided I'd try to start a series about the gen 5 Pokémon games. I did some research, found out the region exclusives, etc, and decided to randomize it (mostly for evolution ease and ground items.) and thought that making the shiny chance higher (for encountering shinies in videos, obviously) might make the game more interesting. I looked around and found Project Pokémon which had a few tutorials, but nothing about Pokémon White. Full threads about Black, and BW2, but not White 1. I finally found a thread here that had all the information I needed...and nothing worked. I finally got the stupid freaking arm9.bin with the shiny buff imported...and the ROM crashes the emulator. <s>because it's me, trying to do something actually interesting, of course it crashed.</s>

    So, how do I get CT2 to import the arm9 PROPERLY? I got Tinke to do it, but that's the edit that crashed. I can extract and edit arm9 fine, that's child's play, but I can't import it. I always get the "file too small", even with the re-compressed edited arm9.bin. Am I allowed to upload my randomized file and request someone with better luck to edit the shiny rate? That's lit'rally ALL I'm trying to change.

    okay guys it's been a week and a half wtf
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