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    pardon my noob question but

    My wiiu is on 5.3.2 and i just bought project zero maiden of black water(physical copy Europe limited edition). any chance it will arrive with firmware above 5.3.2? can i play it without updating firmware? if not, can i use loadline to play the digital US or Euro version of the game? or loadline cannot play any game above 5.3.2?

    Does Loadline only work on SD card? with about use flash drive or external harddrive?

    there seem to be different version of loadline, which one should i use? where can i find the latest version?(i downloaded one call Loadiine V1.0 by golden45 no idea if it is the latest)

    do you have to have a legit physical copy of smash bro?can you use other game?

    Do you have to repeat the install process every time you restart the wiiu?

    if i wait say several month, what the possibility of a more user friendly and easier to install backup loader?(completely new loader or new version of loadiine)
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    Question? ...QuestionS :P

    You really gotta read at least the first post of this thread (especially the FAQ section) before asking so many questions that are answered in there. It answers all of your questions save for maybe one.

    Like myself you'll read through some of it and not understand as you won't need that information yet, but read it anyways because certain tidbits will come in handy later. Someone just answering your questions will do you a disservice as you'll turn around with 100 more questions and read the first page of the thread will send you (mostly) on your way.
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