Noob PSP-Hacking Questions

Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by Makoto0729, Aug 20, 2010.

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    So, I have a couple questions. I'm considering getting a PSP, but due to limited funds (poor college student), only if the answers are what I hope...

    First off, I've seen PSPs and PSP Gos at the store I work at, though I lack the authority to access the boxes. We only carry new systems, not used. Are new PSP-100x models still being made , or are they all now 200x or 300x (or Go)? As I understand it, 100x models are easiest to hack...

    Second, I gather that after a certain firmware number is installed (5.0.3, I think?), PSPs are unhackable. Is this true, or is there a method I haven't found yet?

    Third, how recent a firmware do new PSPs tend to have? Would one bought new at this point be likely to have an unhackable firmware, if it does exist?

    Fourth, comparing it to hacking a 4.1 Wii, how much easier or more difficult would it be to hack? It seems confusing, but that may be simply because I don't have one myself yet....

    Fifth, is custom hardware required, like this "Pandora's Battery" I read about, or is it totally softmoddable?

    Finally, what is the probability of bricking your PSP while hacking it?

    Thanks for your time and answers in advance... It's much appreciated.
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    They don't make 100X anymore, you can use HBL to load homebrew on any PSP, 6.20 or lower, and soon to be any firmware. but NO pirating with HBL

    After a certain firmware they are unhackable unless you use pandora battery

    I made my own pandora battery, and then unmade a pandora battery, there directions on the internet, you just need a really steady hand, and luck
    Pandora battery, basically puts the hardware in service mode, so you load a new firmware on it, usually 5.03 m33 or something like that

    I think it's harder compared to a wii

    umm, I believe bricking chances are high,
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    A hard-modded battery isn't that easy for most... I was very careful to not puncture the inside of the battery, yet I did. Smoke poured out and it took about 5 seconds for me to throw it outside.

    For the OP: If the PSP you get is < 6.10 then you can use the ChickHEN exploit to launch the CFW exploit. Otherwise get a 'PSP Tool' that is sold on various stores (is really a Pandora Battery).
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