1. thefil

    OP thefil Newbie

    Apr 24, 2009
    Hello Wii Hackers. I come to you destitute and ashamed.

    Here is my situation: I have a 4.0 Wii with homebrew channel installed. It's serial number is LU64+. It has no pirated games installed on it, nor am I interested in pirating anything.

    This is the situation I want to be in: 4.0 firmware where I can still use HBC and Shop Channel, but also ISO Loader. Once again, this is not for piracy reasons. Hard to believe, but I just like having a bunch of games loadable for convenience. If possible, I would also like to be able to have each game in it's own neat little loader package, appearing on the Wii home screen. I also want to be able to use all my legally purchased WiiWare games. I don't care if illegal ones work or not.

    Now I've done some research myself, and this is what I think my procedure has to be:

    1) Use this to downgrade my Wii to 3.2U.
    2) Install cIOS. Question: Which ciOS do I install? Is there a tutorial?
    3) Upgrade to Wankinko's 4.0 Question: Is there a better alternative I should be considering?
    4) Install ISO Loader following one of many tutorial Question: Is there a tutorial which will show me how to have each game show up on my Wii home menu?

    Here's the big question: Can I follow this procedure with LU64+? Am I at a risk of bricking? Am I completely wrong?

    Please help me! You're my only hope.
  2. techboy

    techboy GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Mar 15, 2009
    United States
    Most (if not all) LU64 wiis will not run a cIOS, so it likely won't downgrade.

    Installation of cIOS on LU64+'s is pretty much useless. The cIOS simply hangs when a program loads it. There are reports of some LU64+ wiis (namely, an LU65) being capable of cIOS, but trying to install cIOS on an LU64 may lead to a wii that can not run WAD Manager, since WAD Manager will try to use the cIOS if installed even if it is broken, causing wad manager to hang...

    If you want, wait for SoftMii 3.0. Its supposed to be out today sometime... It supposedly has a fix for the LU64s. From what I understand, it has a separate procedure for the 64's, so you should not need the whole softmii package to use the fix. Other than that special fix, the rest of softmii is mostly software which can be left out, such as a set of replacement cIOS's (referred to as CIOSCORP) for playing pirated/backup games via the disc channel (you said you don't want piracy), and some software for changing the look of the system menu.

    Other than the above, assuming cIOS works (as i said, it likely won't)...:

    You have the procedure mostly correct, although the downgrade tutorial you linked includes installing cIOS, eliminating your step 2. Just be sure to update it to rev10 when finished (newest for the USB ISO Loader). Waninkoko's 4.0 is what i'm using, so yeah, upgrading to it is fine.

    As for putting each game on your menu, there are channels for many of the games floating around on here. Just be sure to install some form of anti-brick software prior to installing the wads. (Preloader is your best bet, since starfall is for 3.2 and obsolete). A banner brick on 4.0 without preloader isn't fun, means $$$ to Nintendo for a repair, and supposedly they now charge extra if you brick it with homebrew.

    Just as a reminder, my advice is based on my experience with only 4 wiis, all of which i had no problems with, if anybody reads this and follows this advice, and bricks their wii, don't come crying to me!
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