No Sound on my DS Lite

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    Mar 21, 2009
    Ok, my ds was working perfectly.

    I played FFCC with my friends went on voice chat with my buddies but I used my headphones for the voice chat. I noticed that the power was red so I brought out my charger and was talking to him while charging it. I was then finished and let it charged. I wanted to play again so I took off the charger turned on my DS Lite and noticed there was no sound. When I would put on my Headphones it would work.

    I need some help please.
    I will take any information.

    EDIT: Did some searching and found out that my headphones actually muted the speakers. I think I'm supposed to open the casing of my DS Lite but I'm a bit hesitant. I really want my speakers back even though they are good for nothing [​IMG]