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    I placed an order for the Sky3ds on Monday early in the AM (EST). According to their site, all orders ship out within 24 hours with an email with the tracking number.

    I waited until Tuesday PM to check on the order and found it to still be in processing. I sent an email inquiring about the status. Their site says that they will respond within 24 hours. Wednesday PM comes response.

    Now it's Thursday (late AM) and still no email or change in status. Made a call to the credit card company and getting the charge reversed.

    Lack of communication is NOT good for business. Hopefully this will help serve as a warning to others and a wake up call to Modchipwarehouse to get their act together.

    Now I'm gonna give USAHotstuff a try. Hope this doesn't bite me in the ass also:unsure:
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    got my Gateway in a quick if only Gateway would push their update in the same manner

    after looking at ModChipsWarehouse their website looks flaky as hell...hope for the best