Nintendont: "USB FAT device could not be opened"

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    I just bought a new USB Hard Drive, and I'm haveing some trouble getting it to work properly. I split it into two partitions, and formatted one to WBFS for Wii games, and I wanna use the other partition for Gamecube games. The WBFS partition is working fine and boots Wii games from USB Loader GX just fine. It's my other partition that's giving me trouble. It's formatted as FAT32, cluster size is set to 32k, it's the primary active partition, my paths are all correct, but Nintendont keeps giving me the above error message. any ideas on how to fix this? The FAT32 partition is 125GB if that matters at all.
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    Have you checked to see what partition table you are using ? If you have GPT you may see issues. I mentioned this in your other thread.

    WBFS partitions are outdated, and not recommended, the popular advice is one partition of FAT32 for maximum compatibility.

    Delete all the partitions you have, create one big FAT32 partition, create a folder called "WBFS" for your Wii games and another called "games" for the GC games, these I think are the default folders for USBLoader. Delete your USBLoader config files and start fresh, point the loader at your newly created DIRs and I'm certain it will work.

    When you get it working you may want to move the covers onto your HDD as well...

    This thread could be useful...
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    Agreed. Fat32 format. As for covers, if you're using usbloaderGX press 1 to download missing covers. Uncheck any types you don't need. Download

    This is probably relevant to you, taken from first page of nintendon't thread under "Game ON USB" section:
    - The partition must be formated as FAT32 with 64k/cluster or less. (32k/cluster and 64k/cluster recommended)
    - The partition must be the first partition of the partition table, or the first primary FAT32 partition of the table.

    More info on USB HHD partions there: