Nintendon't - How is it going?

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    I have benn quite interested on this project, since one of the best capabilities of Wii (at least some older models) is being able to play almost every game from gamecube without any problems. However as you know running backups has been quite a problem for a long time.

    Don't get me wrong I'm a long-running Dios Mios user, however we still don't have a stable release, and it hasn't been updated for a while (I appreciate the effort put into to it). Appearently we will never get an AP removed Devolution. Thus all heads turn to the new Nintendon't. Now I was excited at first, which came to a quick end once the project was dropped by it's creator, now we have hope again that it's been adopted by some other talented people. However I hear that even when it's finished it won't get better than dios mios for years.

    I haven't been able to keep track of the news for a while and I'm trying to be optimistic as much as possible. Does anyone have any contact with the developer team responsible, how long will it take until we get something that will work better than Dios Mios? This Summer, a year later? never?

    Any info will be appreciated.
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    you have reason, but diosmios can't run on vwii is that the point... obviusly with wii u have better choice, and u can play all gc games on it from backup (disk or sd/usb or memcard slot with sdgecko and swiss-gc gems).
    Diosmios isn't finish (but is near to perfect).
    On my wii nintendont (after the 0x21 fix) run very well but not have good compatibility with trimmed iso. Only good for first wii is the possibility to run gc games on wii speed ( a little bit smoother) and add some undoc graphic filter (not present on gc gpu.