Nintendont and WiikeyU: The Partition Problem

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    Jun 17, 2013
    Hallo together,

    it is end of July and in one or two month we can expect that the WiikeyU ODE for the WiiU gets released. I was thinking about buying one and have aquestion regarding my HDD.
    As you all know the GameCube interpreter Nintendont is on a very good way, it seems it could gain full compatibility in the next few month. Unfortunately Nintendont has one problem: It requires your HDD to be formated in FAT32. As many others I went around this with having two partitions: One for Wii games in NTFS and one for GameCube games in FAT32. The FAT32 partition is obviously the primary one.
    And now comes the problem: If I put my WiiU games on the second partition, I don't know if the WiikeyU recognizes them. It could be that the ODE needs to have the games on the first partition aswell. And here's the dilemma.

    Obviously no one knows yet, if WiikeyU is able to load games from a second partition, but I would like to ask the users which have Cobra ODE or a 3k3y for their PS3/XB360, if they have any experiences with second partitions. If WiikeyU really does not support loading from the second partition, what options are there?

    Formatting the whole HDD to FAT32 is obviously not an option, since WiikeyU most likely does not support it.
    Formatting the whole HDD to NTFS is obviosly neither an option because, since Nintendont does not support it.
    Having two HDDs. Thats an option. But since the amount USB intrfaces on the WiiU is limited and I'm too lazy to plug and unplug my HDDs this is also not an optimal solution.

    What are your Ideas regarding this? How will you ship aroind this problem?
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    Nov 8, 2009

    Good afternoon.
    In XB360 the xk3y does not detect the 2nd partition (without display) and second input usb port is not directly on XB360 but the adapter that only mind will get the voltage to hdd because the data go directly to xk3y.
    Weight now that the same will happen with the "wiikey U" because according to a store's parents know (spain) already had a demo masa product gave some errors we have to use the display xk3y or 3k3y.
    Personal message: I can talk to you in p.m. in your language.