Nintendo Wii U Nand issue

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    Hello everyone,
    I need your advice

    two weeks ago I have got a problem with my Wii U. I couldn`t delete or copy some games from system memory (32GB). I was getting classic wii u error 160-0103. then I decided to format wii u. and as result nintendo freeze during trying formatting system memory. How can I fix it? I am sure that for 100% that problem in EMMC_NAND 32GB

    1. if I buy broken Wii U and replace this module , Will I lost all my purchase on main console?
    2. Do you know where I can buy this module for Wii U ?
    3. Do you some other ways to fix it?
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    1.- Yes, you will lost ALL data. (if you say you formatted you Wii U, i dont know if you NNID is unlinked too...)
    2.- Ebay for sure...
    3.- I dont know if there another solution for this... Sorry! :/