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    Did anyone else get this survey from Nintendo?

    Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 08.09.20.png

    I was excited to participate since it said it would be an opportunity to "tell [Nintendo] what [ I ] think, tell [them] what [ I ] like, and tell [them] what [I'd] like to see!" (pronouns edited for clarity).

    Ultimately all they asked about was which consoles I've got or have ever used, which from a very small selection of games I own, what I think of Yo Kai Watch, and why (in my case) I'm not interested in it. It seems that this survey wasn't actually about finding out what I'd like to see, but was in fact about finding out why I do or don't like Yo Kai Watch :rolleyes:

    Nintendo, if you're reading, a survey designed to find out what I'd like to see actually only needs one question:

    What would you like to see from Nintendo?

    If what you're actually doing is investigating the effects of your Yo Kai Watch marketing campaign, then don't bate me by telling me I'll have the chance to tell you what I'd like to see. I realise that you'd get a biased sample if you actually said that it was a survey about Yo Kai Watch since that way people who aren't interested in it would probably not participate. But if what you really want is the views of your users, just use an open question. If people are interested in Yo Kai Watch, they'll tell you in their answer to that question.
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    Not yet... I'd like to see them get back in touch with their fans.

    Their inattention to controversy around Pokemon GO, their take-down of AM2R (and cancellation of a real Metroid game to focus on Federation Force which is great and fun, but distinctly not Metroid) and Super Mario Runner. These are not things anybody wants.

    Breath of the Wild looks incredible (even if it is a reskin of [survival game here]), apparently there's lots of inspirational work going into the NX, so maybe that's why they've been slipping lately.
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    my dad works for nintendo.
    i got this survey a long time ago, and i remember the particular questions about yokai watch...
    i think i gave up answering because it was obvious they just wanted to know about yokai watch, and i am not a fan of that game
  4. mashers

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    Jun 10, 2015
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    I considered doing the same, but then I thought, if everybody who isn't interested in that game fails to respond, then they'll only get responses which show Yo Kai Watch in a positive light, and then they'll think, "hey, everybody loves Yo Kai Watch!" So I persevered.

    What annoyed me was that even after telling them that I don't really know anything about that game and am not interested in the genre, it then went on to ask which features most interest me. Um, that would be none...

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    I actually hoped the survey would be about what I'd like on NX. Now that would be a survey worth completing.

    (hint hint Nintendo...)