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  1. Scorpin200

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    Here's a collection of all the 3ds games so far with newer pics being updated all the time.

    Resident evil Revelations & Mercenaries

    kid Icarus Uprising

    super street fighter IV

    dead or alive dimensions

    Mario kart 3ds

    Metal Gear Solid 3DS


    the legend of zelda ocarina of time 3ds

    Driver 3D

    paper mario 3ds

    star fox 3ds

    Asphalt 3D

    Kingdom Hearts 3DS

    Pro Baseball Spirits
  2. awssk8er

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    That almost looks like PS3 quality shit!


    Correction: All the Resident Evil screen shots look like PS3 quality shit!
  3. jarejare3

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    Dec 8, 2010
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    Wow looks nice. But is it in 3D mode yet?
  4. Renegade Zero

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    Nov 6, 2010
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    This looks freakin' epic! The graphics are really awesome. Can't wait to get me a 3DS!
  5. granville

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    Just to let people know, those Megaman Legends screens are from the first two games on PS1 (or perhaps the PSP ports judging from the aspect ratio, which are almost 100% identical to the originals), not the new 3rd game on 3DS.

    Legends 3 is built off Capcom's downscaled MT Framework engine (Resident Evil 5 runs on the console MT Framework). This engine is also used for both Resident Evil 3DS games, as well as Super Street Fighter IV 3D. MML3 is apparently still very early in development. A tech demo was shown a few weeks ago, just some basic 3D model stuff. Nothing to get excited about yet. I doubt they're very far into development on the actual gameplay yet. No real screens are out yet though. It'll probably be a while before we get any real media for the game. I'd expect the graphics to be pretty impressive since it's running on the MT Framework.
  6. Ritsuki


    Mar 15, 2008
    I'm going to sell a kidney in order to buy 3DS RITENAO ! Anyone's interested ?

    There's only MGS 3DS who looks like MGS3 pixellised...
  7. granville

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    MGS3D looks pixelated because the screens posted are upscaled rather badly. Proper resolution shows how the game is supposed to look-

    There's also no excuse for the final game to have the jaggies the screens indicate. The 3DS is said to support anti aliasing, at the very least when the 3D effect is turned off. It's up to developers to program it in though. Resident Evil Revelations was confirmed to support anti aliasing in 2D mode.
  8. Midna

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Word is, there's some sort of a blur effect when you turn on 3D that makes jaggies all but unnoticeable. I've never seen a 3DS though, so I can't tell you.

    Oh um,
    2D is the only practical place to put AA. AA makes things blend into the background. I believe in 3D they're supposed to stand out, not blend in.

    Still, I hope MGS3D has some sort of graphics boost in 2D mode.
  9. Okami Wolfen

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    I seriously can not believe these graphics.

    I don't wanna wait. ;-;
  10. lostdwarf

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    Nov 2, 2008
  11. Isaac_GS

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    Source? Not to be cynical or skeptical, but you sound almost as if you've seen one yourself. Were you at E3 by any chance? If you are telling the truth, I will be very happy, whether or not your source is personal experience at E3 or some article in teh interwebs.

    Hmm, since the 3DS resolution looks to be a decent bump up from the DS res, perhaps this hardware-enforced Anti-Aliasing will "smooth out the jaggies" on stretched DS games. That would be great.
  12. floydo

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    I think Driver 3D looks the best out of all of them!
  13. Veho

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    Anti-aliasing blurs the jagged edges. Even with 3D they look bad, and what is worse, having one eye see one set of jaggies and the other a different set would be disconcerting.
  14. KuRensan

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    I'd like to see some pictures of 3DS games who were released after E3 like Harvest moon ect
  15. narutofan777

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    Mar 27, 2010
    o lol I was gonna say dang mega man legends looks terrible! still though best lookin game so far imo is mgs 3DS.
  16. MilkPSP

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    The graphics definitely look very promising. Are there any pictures of Animal Crossing yet? And AA is good with AA. It's meant to blur jagged edges. That applies with 3D also, when he lines in the wire frame are jagged.
  17. Stevetry

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    dam i came
  18. ryan90

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    I made a thread about aliasing on the 3ds a while ago the main issue i have is that i personally don't believe 3d will fix any of the aliasing issues, seeing two different sets of aliased lines will probably just make things look worse, the 3ds should have AA as it was one of the most annoying things about the psp, with all the complex character models and scenery in such a low resolution it just made things look bad and 3ds screen is even lower res.

    It seems its only support is of SSAA(Super Sampling) which is drawing the image at a higher res then down sampling, this technique is very expensive on the cpu and system bandwidth and so is usually reserved for cgi movies and images only, I was really interested in the idea of it using MLAA but someone said it would need programmable shaders.

    Edge Detect AA would probably be the best option but the 3ds doesn't support that either from what i read so unless they develop some portable post process filter than will work with the 3ds fixed shaders i doubt we will have any AA besides in old n64 games and 2d mode.

    The only other option would be to blur the games slightly, which works really well for some games, it gets rid of the rough edges on some of the characters and as long as the textures aren't too complex it doesn't have a big effect. but again im not sure how expensive it would be to do this to every image

    So yeah for me its an issue but it depends on the person whether it bothers them or not
  19. DryYoshi

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    New Starfox screens look awesome!
  20. _Chaz_

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    But, if the graphics aren't perfect how will I be able to enjoy the game!?