News about Bootmii

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    News about Bootmii
    some infos about Bootmii!
    i was lurking in #wiidev and bushing stated some nice infos.


    [23:47:38] wait a few days and use bootmii

    [23:47:51] few days == ??

    [23:50:03] one day < few days < many days

    [23:50:45] bushing u got most of the stuff ready?

    [23:50:55] if so -> *hands up*

    [23:51:05] dhewg? :)

    [23:51:06] * bushing beams




    [23:56:54] it's been "within the next week or two" for a month now

    [23:57:03] but still remains at "within the next week or two"

    [23:57:09] I think we've rewritten the installer enough times

    [23:58:55] does it work for virgin 4.0 wiis?

    [23:59:07] that's alot of ppl care about i think

    [23:59:13] probably not

    [23:59:28] y not?

    [23:59:34] i'm glad i'm still on 3.2e :)

    [23:59:56] yes

    [00:00:00] well

    [00:00:09] more a question of when you bought it

    [00:00:25] while the system menu's version doesn't directly related to if bootmii can be installed or not, if your system has 4.0 it probably has the patched boot1

    [00:00:34] as long as you dont got the boot1 i guess heh

    [00:01:21] lets say i got a wii with the old boot1 and virgin 4.0, would i be able to install bootmii out of the box?

    [00:01:26] crediar, if your system CAME with 4.0....

    [00:02:26] yes

    [00:02:38] so it's all about boot1

    [00:02:58] do we need some sort of hack for 4.0? like the twilight hack?

    [00:03:02] to run the installer

    [00:03:12] * bushing points at comex

    [00:03:13] um, duh

    [00:04:20] hehe ok

    [00:04:41] is there an uninstaller included? :O i personally like homebrew that can be uninstalled

    [00:05:06] just install boot2 from a disk, right

    [00:05:07] ?

    [00:05:15] it can be uninstalled; the first beta may or may not come with an uninstaller

    [00:05:51] that's one way, although it's better to use a special-purpose uninstaller

    [00:06:13] good to hear that.

    [00:07:21] huh?

    [00:07:33] erm yah, we're "close"

    [00:07:54] so can hbc "now" (ie a few days) also be installed on wii's that have been updated to 4?

    [00:08:11] i guess if u can install bootmii you can install hbc....

    [00:08:45] yah it can

    [00:08:50] dvdx too

    [00:08:52] mattgentl: yes.ÂÂdhewg wrote a unified installer for bootmii / HBC / DVDX

    [00:09:08] working on it as we speak :)

    i asked bushing if i'm allowed to post the info.
    All he wanted me to add was:

    [00:08:10] sure, just add "please don't bug us for a release date, we're working several hours a day on this as it stands"


    Contributed by Elfish
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    Mad props to bushing and the others. Can't wait to install this on my Wii [​IMG]
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    yup me too [​IMG]
    seems to be VERY NICE
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    i betting comex banner bomb will released around the sametime as bootmii
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    some more info:

    CODE[00:19:55] if you remove the SD card, it will just go to the system menu as if you never installed bootmii
    [00:20:01] Izhido: can't you set that in the card settings?
    [00:20:12] haven't found the option :(
    [00:20:28] so it isnt installing anything on the wii's nand?
    [00:20:31] you'll just have to patch the ds firmware to disable autoboot then :P
    [00:20:33] bushing: thank you so much! That's exactly what I wanted to hear :D
    [00:21:00] ya, i hope people will find this worth the wait
    [00:21:16] very much so
    [00:21:19] Elfish: no, I never said that.ÂÂit *has* to install something into the boot2 area, but that's just a small amount of code
    [00:21:25] most of the code sits on an SD card
    [00:21:40] if it can't load the rest of the code from the SD card, it just falls back to normal boot2.
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    I think every reader of this forum will find it worth the wait [​IMG]
  7. ganons

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    Jun 12, 2005
    is crediar workkng on bootmii aswell?
  8. Satangel

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    Nice, thanks a lot for posting this [​IMG]
  9. OSW

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    Yes, great thanks! Interesting news, I'm excited [​IMG]
  10. ramidavis

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    I have heard installing bootmii will break your ability to use backups and usb loaders. Any body can confirm this rumor?
  11. hdhacker

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    Can someone shed some light on why some wiis with 4.0 will work, but others won't? How do you tell which is which?