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    Apr 16, 2017
    Love this forum, it has helped me out a lot, so i have decided to register!.

    I have just bought a WII U running 5.5.1 and eventually installed Loadiine. I have mario 3d world and mario kart running off a 16GB SD card, but it is quite a slow one. So here are my questions

    1. What is the fasted SD or MICRO SD card available for this method?.
    2. Will this method play every game out there?
    3. If this method cannot play every game out there, whats the other best method? usb hdd?.
    4. Is there a list of games that shows what games work and don't work with loadiine?.
    5. I noticed some game downloads come with a update folder. Where does this go?.
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    Just install games with WUP Installer.. Way better
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    Jan 3, 2017
    1. Some SDXC work with Wii U but they're still limited to one speed, you can't go above it.
    2. Nope, some games might boot but will be very unstable
    3. Brazilian method which allows you to install games to NAND or HDD
    4. Yes, there was a list somewhere although i don't recommend using Loadiine
    5. Somewhere, you have to put them somewhere but it's too much hassle, just go with Brazilian method
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    Apr 16, 2017
    Thanks guys.
    I am not using the Brazilian method ;)

    Just a couple more questions..

    1. It seems cod bops2 is not available via this method, so i am thinking to buy the original game. If i do, can i play online multiplayer even if the DNS is set to not update games via nintendo?.
    2. Can i transfer games saved to the USB storage to another HDD? ie.. clone the hdd?.
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    You asked if there wad a better faster way to run the games you mentioned. WUP Installer method (Brazilian method) is the answer to your question.

    Have you read through the noob guide? All your questions are answered in that guide. I recommend reading the whole thing first and then go with what you want. But yeah, loadiine is old school. Get up to speed on latest hacks by reading the guide.

    1. Yes, it will work with DNS blocking enabled.
    2. You can't clone the hard drive in the traditional sense but you can use Wii U data management to move game and save files over one at a time from USB to USB.