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  1. Pagodah

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    Feb 12, 2017
    First a quick apology that I need to ask this at all. I'm new to this and I've been stuck for awhile. The Google is outputting and endless amount of information and most sounds outdated. I figured I'd ask here.

    Ok so i wiped my Wii u to 5.5.1 and I've been backing up my games issuing the wup installer. I have been using utik to get digital copies and they work great. But the dlc won't load.

    I read somewhere it's rednand. I can't find how to make it work. Do I need a special hack? Do I install dlc to the system memory?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Kafluke

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    May 6, 2006
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    Not specifically redNAND. You need any CFW. CBHC, HaxChi or rednand all will work for DLC.