New Wiikey update on the way

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    [​IMG] New Wiikey update on the way
    Brawl support, dev mode, update blocking

    Forum member OzModChips has brought to light the first solid information about the new Wiikey update that is currently in the hands of resellers.

    The new firmware update called 1.9X and config disc 1.4, allows the original Smash Bros. Brawl to be loaded finally along with two new config disc features, dev mode and update blocking. It is currently unknown what dev mode does, however update blocking appears to work like a firmware built-in version of brickblocker.

    The fabled Wiikey update has NOT been released to the public, but is currently undergoing testing. Many thanks to OzModChips for letting us know on the forums! You can join in the discussion and see pics of the new update below:

    [​IMG] Discussion thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.