New Webshow. Help Me Name It!

Discussion in 'GBAtemp Art Studio' started by Tweeder, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Tweeder

    Tweeder Member

    Oct 20, 2004
    United States
    Gloucester City, NJ
    Alright. So I'd love to produce a new show, but wanted to stay away from the typical review, or rant videos that everyone else seems to be doing. So I came up with this idea to do a type of video kinda like Popup Video from old school VH1. If you guys remember that... Except of course do it for video games. Have interesting facts, maybe tips, maybe some comedy while catching to clips of a sweet (and maybe crappy) games.

    I got to work on one tonight and here it is. Tell me what you think, if you like it, say something. If you don't, say something. Don't be rude, but tell me what you didn't like about it. I can handle it.

    Also, I'd love a member to name the show too. Have a suggestion, post it!

    After watching it, youtube down-samples it alot, I'll have to make the "bubble" text alot larger. Live and learn right?
  2. JPH

    JPH Banned

    Jul 11, 2006
    United States
    How about: Tweederview - Old School Game Reviews [​IMG]
  3. Pizzaroo

    Pizzaroo douchebag

    Feb 2, 2008
    United States
    how about "Grandpa Tweeter's Game Shelf"
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