New-unhackable-2DS what???

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    Dec 10, 2013
    This posted few days ago on one of gaming website

    An FCC reveals Nintendo has changed the CPU of the Nintendo 2DS to improve the security of the device. The change is most likely to prevent installation of illegal / homebrew software.​

    The filing talks about the Nintendo FTR-001 which is the Nintendo 2DS as this page on the Nintendo website reveals. In the filing Nintendo reports, “The difference between FTR-001 and FTR-001(-01) is from CPU with a different security function of the initial program loader that is installed in each model .”​

    The company also adds that “There is no change in radio frequency, RF output power, radio frequency circuitry, Antenna, PCB and functional capabilities.”

    The handheld console was announced in August and released in October last year and is able to play games of the Nintendo 3DS, DS but doesn’t feature 3D compatibilities. The 2DS also shares a lot of hardware with the 3DS, it has the same CPU, GPU, memory and battery. And while we couldn’t find any specifics hacks for the 2DS, there are ways to get pirated software on the 3DS.​

    This new CPU should likely make hacking the 2DS a bit harder again.

    So is the 2DS or (3DS over 4.5)hacked,why Nintedno is paranoid to make this changes since 2DS's FW is 6?​
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    Sep 23, 2013
    ....smealum.....dum dum dummmmm they made a whole new cpu just to stop sspwn..........but nope products go throught these stages sometimes nintendo might of found a bug themselves that they have addressed with this cpu update.

    in better news a security risk needing a cpu update doesnt sound like a very patchable security risk
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    What about 3DS and 3DSXL?
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    Not really necessary since the 3ds is practically un-hackable for the time being. I don't count the Gateway as being a hack that Nintendo has to worry about since it is limited to what it can do and its limited to 4.5.
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    Sep 23, 2013
    the 2ds is less hackable than the 3ds, no 2DS's have been hacked well one has been shown hacked on smealums twitter but thats all

    the 2ds is pretty much a 3ds without 3d, what works on a 3ds works on a 2ds.....assuming they are on the same FW, the only reason the 2DS wasn't hacked is that it came on 6.x by default
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    This makes me want to run out and buy a 2DS.