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Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Miroshi, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Hello, I've had some experience in "hacking" but it's all been with my 3ds

    I just recently realized the same must be possible with a psp and, lucky me, it is. :lol:

    I'm sure I can figure it out with the help of this forum (since it's what I used to figure out my 3ds)
    but I'm pretty overwhelmed as I'm not very good with tech and it's a whole new device to learn

    For one, i've looked around and found that the 3000's seem to be the least hackable of the psp systems...

    is it that big of an issue? I've got no problem with having to reboot the system every time I start it up, and all I want this for is playing psp games, nothing fancy. My biggest concern is that if I were to buy a brand new psp 3000, would the version be too high for it to be hackable?

    And I ask primarily because I simply want a new psp. I'm fine with getting a used one if it'd really be that much better, but i'd rather not have to deal with the risk of it falling apart. And at the same time, I don't want it to be randomly bricked (which seems to not be a concern on psp1000/2000's.) Is a random bricking a significant risk for 3000's?
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    Yeah the 3000s are technically the least-hackable, but nowadays as you read it's just reduced to needing a reboot after it starts (and it's not even a full reboot, just reboots the VSH, not the whole system), and only if you're on a firmware past 6.20.

    A brand-new PSP, however, WILL come with 6.60 (the PSP hasn't gotten a firmware update in well over a year), so while you will get access to all the hacks and homebrew, the PSP will need a quick reboot after each time you power it on (note that sleep mode does not lose the hack, only a full power-off, and unlike the DS, the PSP's sleep mode actually reserves battery so it'll stay in sleep mode for days). There is a way to try to downgrade even brand-new PSPs back to 6.20, but it doesn't have the best success rate with the latest models.

    Random bricking isn't a concern as long as you read before doing anything, and NEVER TOUCH FLASH0. You should never have any reason to touch it nowadays, if any guide tells you to do it, then the guide is multiple years out of date.

    So a new 3000 is just fine.
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