new to hacking a wii.. help please?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Cole Wagner, Jul 3, 2014.

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    Jun 30, 2014
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    i tried hacking my wii a year or 2 ago, i failed.. so i gaveup few days ago i remembered about hacking the Wii, so i went online and found a tutorial from this site and homebrew'd it without problem i'm on system version 4.2U i use my gamecube memory card for game saves i have a PNY Optima 8 GB SD card and a Memorex 2 GB flashdrive i used banner bomb to homebrew my wii followed a tutorial on this website and installed MMM and WiiFlow i had WiiFlow Version 4.1 i downloaded Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Old Door from coolrom i used the DMToolbox.exe to convert the iso (tutorial said to do so, so i did) i put the diosmios wad in a folder on the root of my sd, just like it said to i set up wiiflow to read my flash then exited and i used MMM to install the dios mios wad i tried running Paper Mario from my Memorex flashdrive it started.. showed the Dios Mios GC screen it took a few minutes to start up the game, and i made a new save file on the game again it took a few minutes to load i started and beat Lord Crump at the beginning, but then when i left the place.. continued the dialogue.. and Goombella joined my party, there isnt a sound.. it shows Goombella on a dotted screen like the game should.. with no dialogue or audio.. then it makes a record scratching noise and starts up.. but the picture freezes with an annoying audio loop i've been looking for the past 2 days on how to properly work WiiFlow, i thought it may be user error.. it still may be i found the newest version of WiiFlow (v4.2.1) and found a WiiFlow Channel Installer followed a small tutorial on how to install it ran the installer like it said then i ran the new WiiFlow, and was surprised it loaded as fast as it did.. set up everything.. went to play the game and my Wii Reset (did this twice) after getting pretty upset at myself, seeing that i don't have much knowledge on the Wii Hacking Scene i re-installed the diosmios wad went to play the game again, and it ran the disc in the console (Hitman) TWICE i unplugged the Wii and tried again, and the game ran on the new WiiFlow BUT AGAIN WITH THE LAG 30 second lag after the GC DiosMios load screen 30second-1 minute lag at the beginning before loading my game 2 minute lag when i fight someone 1 minute lag when i enter the new place before goombella joins my party.. then freeze again did i set up my console wrong? is there another loader for GC games? i just want to play this one game, and can't find any help on it any advice? maybe a new loader? if you need more info just ask, and i'll update my question or whatever..
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    My advice is to run your games .ISO (example : Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door.iso) in something like Dolphin (,
    play the first five minutes. If you have any problems with your game in those five minutes then try your game from another website.

    If this doesn't work then please elaborate on your problem.
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    Maybe a bad dump, did you try dumping the game again?