New Super Mario Bros 3

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    So, there seemed to be a bit of hubbub over on the DS Hacking forum, and threads were closed. We're not here to discuss the finer points of hacking, but rather the finer points of the game itself.

    New Super Mario Bros. 3 is brought to you by this guy: SKJmin

    And you should really check out his latest trailer for the game:

    Apparently, it's a remake of Super Mario Bros. 3 (which I still consider to be the very best game in the franchise). Evidently, he's used the assets of NSMB DS to recreate this classic, but he didn't stop there. There's a shit-ton of content, levels that will make you slap your mammy, and if you thought NSMB was too easy, then this is the game you've been pining for.

    This game NEEDS to be recognized and discussed!
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    Already knew about it but yeah it is by far the most awesome hack iv ever seen and i just sat and watched that whole youtube video and just WOW i had no idea about all the bonus stuff!!!
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    you know this was on the front page right?
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    Like I said, I just want to discuss the actual gameplay, which by the way, is damned impressive right out of the gate. Forgot how challenging SM3 was. The first world is more challenging than much of the latter part of NSMB. Interestingly enough, going back to this now, I can see just how much they were still experimenting with level design. These days, they know how to churn out a polished Mario product, but there's a lot of quirky design going on in SM3.
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    wow, this looks so much better then i thought it would, had no clue about all the bonus stages, [​IMG]