new nintendo 3ds hidden feature: nightvision camera!

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    Nov 4, 2012

    we know nintendo love to hide features and easter eggs in their console

    so i was messing with the new face tracking feature of the new nintendo 3ds
    and i found something really interesting!

    in fact no one is speaking about what i found,it seems like everyone missed it!

    here the story:
    ok one day i was playing in 3d mode in the train when everything turned pitch black around me.
    and the console was still tracking my face for the 3d effect ,i found that amazing.

    then i looked with a multi spectrum camera that was able to see not visible light my new 3ds the later day.
    and found the 3ds internal camera was emitting ir lights.

    which mean the 3ds was using ir camera to ftrack at night! just like a night vision camera!
    so i looked in the console menu if we could use this night vision mode to take picture or see at night.

    and yes we can,
    here howto use it:

    press L and R in same time in the console main menu to take a picture.
    but instead of using the external camera,switch to internal camera.

    when i tryed it was a rainy day,colors was washed out and i was thinking the new nintendo 3ds had a worse camera than the regular 3ds models.
    but when i 've tried it in pitch black it was amazing,everything was black and white like a real night vision!
    and the console was showing my face clearly!
    i advise to use a ir laser or flashlight,it is amazing!

    have a nice day!
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