New member, saying hello.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ice God64, Feb 28, 2009.

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    Sure, I could give you some long introduction, telling you every little detail bout myself, I could write an autobiography right now, telling you all I've ever accomplished, but why, when I could instead write just one paragraph explaining why I don't need, or perhaps want to. Is it because I am lazy? Is it because no one really cares? No. There is only one reason that I can give to explain this, and that is as simple as this; All of the thoughts I wish to express can be conveyed in a much shorter message, something with more meaning than any life-story could ever express. It is just one phrase that day after day, people ponder, what is it's true meaning? Is it a casual greeting? Is it just something to say to dodge small talk, or, is it small talk in itself?

    The powerful, yet obscure meaning behind this phrase has been handed down the human species children for generations, each one giving it a touch of it's own personality before handing down the metaphorical torch. A phrase that, when split into two, seems so small, insignificant, but when together, floods with a powerful, hopeful meaning. This is the phrase that binds hearts, and friendships with one simple expression, ties people together, and wraps the stories of their lives together, if only for a moment, and this is what I offer you. Not any big presents or kind words, but just a simple, yet bold statement that will forever tie us together, just four little little words. Friends, acquaintances, I ask you this...

    Hey guys, whats up?
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    Welcome Ice is so COOL that you came to GBAtemp. Have a nice stay. Please read the forum rules.

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    Greetings mortal [​IMG]
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    Not too new member, saying hello back [​IMG]
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    Oh hai thar! Careful, you may encounter flamers and people that don't read the rules.
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    Hi, you seem like a cool person. Welcome. [​IMG]