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Noctosphere Oct 21, 2016.

  1. azoreseuropa

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    I think they're keeping quiet on the touchscreen to emphasize that games will need to work without it for this very reason. But that doesn't mean games or the system menu couldn't make use of it when used as a tablet. Mario Maker could easily use a cursor in the edit mode, but it would be best played in tablet mode for the obvious reasons.
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  3. Luckkill4u

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Won't confirm touch support huh
  4. osirisjem

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    Jun 19, 2011
    Nintendo is getting into smartphone apps (as they've said).
    Wouldn't they want their own device to support a touchscreen input method ?
  5. duffmmann

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    They'd make it so you could if you wanted to build on the TV by utilizing a normal controller and having to select everything and place them by navigating one square at a time. Maybe they'd have nice motion control, like I said, i suspect that the joy-con controllers may have motion, that seems possible, or best case scenario, we could connect a Wii U gamepad to the Switch.

    There are solutions to the issue, none of them necessarily ideal (except the ability to connect a Wii U gamepad, that'd be perfect), but it doesn't matter, it just has to be able to function in that state, most people would just be designing the level on go for a Super Mario Maker game on the system.

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    Considering they have DeNA as a 3rd party support developer for the system, the same developer they have making their mobile game, it seems highly likely that Nintendo's upcoming mobile games will also be available on the Switch, which yes, just confirms all the more that this thing has touch, i'm 95% sure of that.
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