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    Mar 10, 2016
    Hello, I'm here because after about 5 years of not using my 3ds, I finally want to play again! :D I'm a computer science student now, but even when the DS was the handheld console to go, I used my flashcards and homebrew and all the good stuff. Same with my Wii. I bought a gateway 3ds a long time ago, came with a blue card and the 3ds white card. In order to play my legally backed up ROMs (^_^) I would have to sit down and flash each one to a micro sd every time I wanted to play xD I still remember that. I also remember doing some updating using my DS lite (which I no longer own) because that was the only way :P. Last usage of the blue card I remember was using the R4i flash card's files on the blue card or maybe it was just the menu, I'm not sure :P

    So anyway, the thing is, when I was doing all this the 3ds firmware was low, I mean in the 3's or something. I updated once more because it was safe at that point and my firmware is now 4.1.0-6E. That is on my XL, my normal 3ds was accidentally updated and must be at 4.4 or something. But I care about my XL, and the custom firmware stuff I found so far require at least a 4.5 firmware. I am so far behind I am at a big loss right now xD.

    Can anyone fill me in a bit, point me to the right direction, cause I don't wanna just read a guide and get on with it, I wanna get back in the scene :P