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    Jan 13, 2019
    i have a question. i have the usbloadergx 1272 on my vwii. i had 1 hdd with1tb with wii and gamecube games. all worked without problems with default setting: loaderios 58 and gameios 249. now i changed my hd from 1 tb to 2tb. i copied all games from one hdd to the other. wii games are running fine, network initialization works fine when needed, but gamecube games i get often blackscreens right after i start a game. sometime games are working when i test them behind each other. but then i get black screen and i have to restart my wiiu. i tested few things. now with this setup, the gamecube games are working like before.

    in usbloadergx:


    the only problem now is, the network initialization fails always with this setup. when i change in usbloadergx to loaderbios=58 and then restart usbloadergx, the network initialization works again. when i change back to the previus setting, the network initialization fails again. is there evtl an argument setting for autonetwork to put in the meta.xml to autostart the network?
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