NetHackDS v1.13a


Jul 18, 2007
United States
NetHackDS v1.13a
Roguelike designed for NDS

A couple new versions have gone by since we last posted this. Changelog and download below.

[title:Changelog]December 28, 2007

Version 1.13a Released.

Bah, left some debugging code in the previous release by accident, which prevented NHDS from powering off after a save. This is fixed.
December 27, 2007

Version 1.13 Released.

* Presents a saved game selection menu if there are multiple saves available.
* Enables key repeats for all game commands.
* Includes this patch, which adds some special wall colours, etc, to specific areas. By default, this is off, by can be enabled using the mapcolors option.
* Adds a new movement mode, dubbed triggermode, which can be enabled through defaults.nh.

Trigger mode is an interesting new movement scheme devised by a fellow named Mesh. But, rather than try to describe it myself, why not quote the inventor?

'Could there be an optional movement mode where no movement occured until a specific "movement" button was pressed?

For example, you'd hold the D-pad in the upper right position and press B, and the character would move diagonally to the upper right. You'd hold the D-pad in the down position and press B, and the character would move down etc. (and when no directional buttons were pressed, the movement button would perform its regular mapped function - I'd personally map it to wait or search) The same thing could perhaps be done for zapping, firing and all directional input. I think it would be a more elegant solution.'

See the packaged defaults.nh for how to enable this mode.

December 25, 2007

Update: Oh yeah, it's true! 1.12c is out, now! This fixes a more minor drawing bug in text mode in the case where tiles need to be erased (dark rooms, etc), which would result in dark gray, rather than black, tiles being left behind.

Yeah, that's right, a Christmas day update. Now 1.12b is released, fixing a major palette bug that slipped by. Sorry again! :/


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