nesDS on SDHC-capable flash cards

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    I've only recently been looking into NES emulation (both on the Wii and the DS) and I had no problems with the Wii (wahoo homebrew browser).

    But anyway, apparently the nesDS has major issues with the SDHC cards. I'm currently running a supercard ds one SDHC with the latest update of OS 3 SP 5. When started, it will load the file browser most of the time, but freeze when choosing the directory that contains the ROM files. It will also occasionally freeze just on the loading of the ROM (but that's less often than not).

    Now I'm not in love with nesDS in particular but from how nesterDS works (loading in the ROM, especially on a linux machine) isn't fun. But if anyone knows a work around for getting nesDS to work on an SDHC card or another, similar NES emulator that doesn't involve having to unpack the nds file and put in a ROM, that would be amazing.

    I'm not interested in advice such as "get a new card." Help would be amazing, thanks.

    note: it WILL open folders that contain no ROM files, I don't know why it has trouble opening the specific folder that contains my ROMs beyond the fact that they are ROM files.

    2nd note: I only put a few ROM files in the directory and the directory will then load and so will a few games, but not all the ones listed on the compatability list
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    With the DS, DLDI drivers are responsible for card access (read/write).
    So I'm thinking probably the problem is in the DLDI driver, or the memory card (Lol sorry) not the homebrew.

    Could be that your card doesn't boot it properly, try booting it with a homebrew app such as DSision.

    Can't think of much else except maybe you have too many roms in a folder or too many folders in folders or something like that

    Or yeah, I think moonlight made a NesterDS plugin for moonshell2 so try that out, it might be dldi compatible.