(NES) Unofficial controller not working, either port advice needed!

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    Jun 3, 2016
    So I decided to dig out my old NES recently and only had the console itself
    I got a power supply and scart cable and bought an unofficial controller as at the time I couldn't find a official one for a decent price
    I got this 1 from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gam3Gear-W...78433&sr=8-3&keywords=NES+controller+gam3gear

    Have got an ever drive N8 also (Chinese version which I will prob send back after realising) but got the flashing red light so took off the 72 pin connector cleaned and boiled it a couple of times before I finally had to remove the lockout chip and disconnect the correct pin
    After doing all this I turned the NES on and it worked! Problem is though I have no controller input working on either port 1 or 2, I have made sure twice the connectors are in the right ports inside the console itself but can't get any input on the ever drive menu at all
    Is it due to buying a crappy third party controller or is it something else on the motherboard?
    I'm going to a convention tomorrow and will prob pick up a couple of official NES controllers, and maybe a console also
    Any ideas what is causing this issue?