Neods - Viewpoint & Blazing Star

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    Sep 25, 2012
    Hi everybody,

    I read many post here and elsewhere about this two games on Neods and I search a good solution to resolve these problems.

    First, these two games works perfectly on my Kawaks emulator, so it seems I have the good zip files.

    With Neods, unfortunately, it's not the same :

    1) View Point don't work on Neods 2.0 (which agree with others feedbacks). So I tried it on NeoDs 1.0, press select on the logo Neo Geo Screen to avoid the crash. The game run perfectly except for the sound. I have no sound at all, but some noise instead.
    Do you have any method to run this game with the sound on NeoDs 1.0 ?

    2) I read on the readme.txt of Neods 2.0 that the level 2 graphic bug of Blazing Star disappears. But for me, it is still here. :(
    Do you have any method to resolve it ?

    I tried many combinations with different bios (included Unibios 2.3), different romset... but without success. :wacko:

    Many thanks in advance.

    Sorry for my pretty bad english.