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    Jan 3, 2008
    I compiled this list to keep myself straight while messing with NeoDS. I thought others might want it? It is based off of the Mame .118 set and names pulled from Mame32UI. On a side note if anyone wants to explain how to use clr mame pro so I can update my rom set with the dats please PM me. That convoluted app confuses the hell out of me =).

    I may have skipped a few things here or there like alternate Korean sets, etc. For the most part this list is 99% complete. It should help out in grabbing stuff without having to take the time to look up the Mame name. Games with "The" in the title are in the "T" section.

    For screen shots and more information go <a href="http://maws.mameworld.info/maws/romset/neogeo" target="_blank">here</a>


    -Another World

    i've decided that i will update this list to reflect which bios these games work with. this will be an ongoing project, one in which i do not have much time for right now.

    i will follow each line with -bios# for which bios i am using to run it. this won't mean that this is the only bios choice that works, and i have no intention of testing every game with each bios. most games will first be tested with the universe bios, if that fails then other methods will be tested. why the universe bios? because it allows for dip switch settings and other fun tweaks not normally available for each game. learn how to use the universe bios <a href="http://unibios.free.fr/howitworks.html" target="_blank"><u>here</u></a>

    gamename (mame name) -bios# when there is a working bios
    gamename (mame name) * -bios# when one bios works but problems exist (glitches, etc)
    gamename (mame name) * game may or may not be playable, but all bios failed to some extent

    a brief list of problems can be found at the bottom under the name list.

    current testing is being done on an ak2.1 green pcb with a 2gb japanese kinston msd running akaio beta 1.3c1
    i am using the universe bios v2.3

    the bois are:
    -bios0 use the Europe MVS (Ver. 2)
    -bios1 use the Europe MVS (Ver. 1)
    -bios2 use the US MVS (Ver. 2?)
    -bios3 use the US MVS (Ver. 1)
    -bios4 use the Asia MVS (Ver. 3)
    -bios5 use the Japan MVS (Ver. 3)
    -bios6 use the Japan MVS (Ver. 2)
    -bios7 use the Japan MVS (Ver. 1)
    -bios8 use the Universe Bios

    during some testing making a second rom with bios8 worked where the first attempt did not. nothing changed, same mame set & same bios archive.

    3 count bout aka Fire suplex (3countb) *
    2020 Super Baseball (set1: 2020bb, set2: 2020bba, set3: 2020bbh) -bios8
    Aero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 2 (sonicwi2) * -bios8
    Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3 (sonicwi3) * -bios8
    Aggressors of Dark Kombat/Tsuukai Gangan Koushinkyoku (aodk)
    Alpha Mission II / ASO II - Last Guardian (alpham2) -bios8
    Andro Dunos (androdun) -bios8
    Art of Fighting / Ryuuko no Ken (aof)
    Art of Fighting 2 / Ryuuko no Ken 2 (set1: aof2, set2: aof2a)
    Art of Fighting 3 - The Path of the Warrior / Art of Fighting - Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden (set1: aof3, set2: aof3k)
    Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuki (bakatono)
    Bang Bead (bangbead) -bios8
    Baseball Stars 2 (bstars2) -bios8
    Baseball Stars Professional (bstars) * -bios8
    Battle Flip Shot (flipshot) -bios8
    Blazing Star (blazstar) -bios8
    Blue's Journey / Raguy (bjourney) -bios8
    Breakers (breakers)
    Breakers Revenge (breakrev)
    Burning Fight (set1: burningf, set2:burningh) -bios8 (both sets)
    Captain Tomaday (ctomaday) -bios8
    Chibi Maruko-Chan Deluxe Quiz (marukodq)
    Crossed Swords (crsword) -bios8
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 'The King of Fighters 2001 bootleg' (cthd2003)
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 Super Plus 'The King of Fighters 2001 bootleg' (ct2k3sp)
    Cyber-lip (cyberlip) -bios8
    Digger Man Prototype (diggerma)
    Double Dragon (doubledr) -bios8
    Eightman (eightman) -bios8
    Far East of Eden - Kabuki Klash / Tengai Makyou - Shin Den (kabukikl)
    Fatal Fury - King of Fighters / Garou Densetsu - shukumei no tatakai (fatfury1) -bios8
    Fatal Fury 2 / Garou Densetsu 2 - arata-naru tatakai (fatfury2)
    Fatal Fury 3 - Road to Final Victory / Garou Densetsu 3 - haruka-naru tatakai (fatfury3)
    Fatal Fury Special / Garou Densetsu Special (set1: fatfursp, set2: fatfursa)
    Fight Fever (set1: fightfev, set 2: fightfva)
    Fighters Swords 'Korean release of Samurai Shodown III' (fswords)
    Football Frenzy (fbfrenzy) -bios8
    Galaxy Fight - Universal Warriros (galaxyfg)
    Ganryu / Musashi Ganryuki (ganryu)
    Garou - Mark of the Wolves (set1: garou, set2: garouo, prototype: garoup)
    Ghost Pilots (gpilots) -bios8
    Ghostlop Prototype (ghostlop) -bios8
    Goal! Goal! Goal! (goalx3) -bios8
    Gururin (gururin) -bios8
    Jockey Grand Prix (jockeygp) *
    Jyanshin Densetsu - Quest of Jongmaster (janshin)
    Karnov's Revenge / Fighters History Dynamite (karnovr)
    King of Gladiator 'The King of Fighters '97 bootleg' (kog)
    King of the Monsters (set1: kotm, set2: kotmh) -bios8
    King of the Monsters 2 - The Next Thing (kotm2) -bios8
    Kizuna Encounter - Super Tag Battle / Fu'un Super Tag Battle (kizuna)
    Lansquenet 2004 'Shock Troopers - 2nd Squad bootleg' (lans2004)
    Last Blade / Bakumatsu Roman - The Gekka no Kenshi (set1: lastblad, set2: lastblda)
    Last Blade 2 / Bakumatsu Roman - The Dai Ni Maku Gekka no Kenshi (lastbld2)
    Last Hope (never dumped? - Unreleased originally limited to just 60 carts from the dev team)
    Last Resort (lresort) -bios8
    League Bowling (lbowling) -bios8
    Legend of Success Joe / Ashitano Joe Densetsu (legendos)
    Magical Drop 2 (magdrop2) -bios8
    Magical Drop 3 (magdrop3) -bios8
    Magician Lord (set1: maglord, set2: maglordh) -bios8
    Mahjong Kyoretsuden (mahretsu)
    Matrimelee / Shin Gouketsuji Lchizoku Toukon (matrim)
    Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001 (mslug) -bios8
    Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001/2 (mslug2) -bios8
    Metal Slug 3 (mslug3, not ecrypted: mslug3n) -bios8
    Metal Slug 4 (mslug4, bootleg: ms4plus) -bios8
    Metal Slug 5 (mslug5, bootleg: ms5plus, jamma pcb: ms5pcb) -bios8
    Metal Slug 6 'Metal Slug 3 bootleg' (mslug3b6) -bios8
    Metal Slug X - Super Vehical-001 (mslugx) -bios8
    Minnasanno Okagesamadesu (minasan)
    Money Puzzle Exchanger / Money Idol Exchanger (miexchng) -bios8
    Mutation Nation (mutnat) -bios8
    Nam 1975 (nam1975) -bios8
    Neo Bomberman (neobombe) * -bios8
    Neo Drift Out - New Technology (neodrift) * -bios8
    Neo-Geo Cup '98 - The Road to the Victory (neocup98) -bios8
    Neo Mr Do! (neomrdo) -bios8
    Neo Pong (Unreleased - never dumped?)
    Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf (turfmast) * -bios8
    Nightmare in the Dark (nitd) -bios8
    Ninja Combat (set1: ncombat, set2: ncombata) -bios8
    Ninja Commando (ncommand) -bios8
    Ninja Master's - haoh-ninpo-cho (ninjamas) -bios8
    Overtop (overtop)
    Panic Bomber (panicbom)
    Pleasure Goal / Futsal - 5 on 5 Mini Soccer (pgoal) -bios8
    Pochi and Nyaa (pnyaa)
    Pop 'n Bounce / Gapporin (popbounc)
    Power Spikes II (pspikes2) * -bios8
    Prehistoric Isle 2 (preisle2) -bios8
    Pulstar (pulstar)
    Puzzle Bobble / Bust-a-Move (set1: pbobblen, set2: pbobblna)
    Puzzle Bobble 2 / Bust-a-Move Again (pbobbl2n)
    Puzzle De Pon! (puzzledp)
    Puzzle De Pon! R! (puzzldpr)
    Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid (joyjoy)
    Quiz Daisousa Sen - The Last Count Down (quizdais)
    Quiz King of Fighters (quizkof)
    Quiz Meitantei Neo & Geo - Quiz Daisousa Sen part 2 (quizdai2)
    Rage of the Dragons (rotd)
    Ragnagard / Shin-Oh-Ken (ragnagrd)
    Real Bout Fatal Fury / Real Bout Garou Densetsu (rbff1)
    Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - The Newcomers / Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2 - The Newcomers (set1: rbff2, set2: rbff2a, korean: rbff2k)
    Real Bout Fatal Fury special / Real Bout Garou Densetsu special (rbffspec)
    Riding Hero (set1: ridhero, set2: ridheroh)
    Robo Army (set1: roboarmy, set2: roboarma) -bios8
    Samurai Showdown / Samurai Spirits (samsho)
    Samurai Showdown 2 / Shin Samurai Spirits - Haohmaru Jigokuhen (samsho2)
    Samurai Showdown 3 / Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Mosouken (set1: samsho3, set2: samsho3a)
    Samurai Showdown 4 - Amakusa's Revenge / Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin (samsho4)
    Samurai Showdown 5 / Samurai Spirits Zero (set1: samsho5, set2: samsho5h, bootleg: samsho5b)
    Samurai Shodown V Special / Samurai Spirits Zero Special (set 1 uncensored: samsh5sp, set 2 censored: samsh5sh, set3 less censored: samsh5sn)
    Savage Reign / Fu'un Mokushiroku - Kakutou Sousei (savagere)
    Sengoku / Sengoku Denshou (set1: sengoku, set2: sengokh)
    Sengoku 2 / Sengoku Denshou 2 (sengoku2)
    Sengoku 3 (sengoku3)
    Shock Troopers (set1: shocktro, set2: shocktra) -bios8
    Shock Troopers - 2nd Squad (shocktr2) -bios8
    Soccer Brawl (socbrawl) -bios8
    Spin Master / Miracle Adventure (spinmast) * -bios8
    Stakes Winner / Stakes Winner - Gl Kinzen Seikae No Michi (stakwin) -bios8
    Stakes Winner 2 (stakwin2) -bios8
    Street Hoop / Street Slam / Dunk dream (strhoop) -bios8
    Strikers 1945 Plus (s1945p) -bios8
    Super Dodge Ball / Kunio no Nekketsu Toukyuu Densetsu (sdodgeb) -bios8
    Super Sidekicks / Tokuten Ou (ssideki) -bios8
    Super Sidekicks 2 - The World Championshipo / Tokuten Ou 2 - Real Fight Football (ssideki2) -bios8
    Super Sidekicks 3 - The Next Glory / Tokuten Ou 3 - Eikoue No Michi (ssideki3) -bios8
    SVC Chaos - SNK vs. CAPCOM (jamma pcb set1: svcpcb, jamma pcb set2: svcpcba, mvs: svc, mvs bootleg: svcboot, +bootleg set1: svcplus, +bootleg set2: svcplusa, super+bootleg: svcsplus)
    Tecmo World Soccer '96 (tws96) -bios8
    The Irritating Maze / Ultra Denryu Iraira Bou (irrmaze) * -bios8
    The King of Fighters 94 (kof94) -bios8
    The King of Fighters 95 (set1: kof95, set2: kof95a)
    The King of Fighters 96 (set1: kof96, set2: kof96h)
    The King of Fighters 97 (set1: kof97, set2: kof97a,+bootleg: kos97pls)
    The King of Fighters 98 - The Slugfest / King of Fighters 98 - the dream match never ends (kof98, korean board: kof98k, not encrypted: kof98n)
    The King of Fighters 99 - Millennium Battle (set1: kof99, set2: kof99a, earlier: kof99e, prototype: kof99p, not encrypted: kof99n)
    The King of Fighters 2000 (kof2000, not encrypted: kof2000n)
    The King of Fighters 2001 (set1: kof2001, set2: kof2001h)
    The King of Fighters 2002 (kof2002, 10th anv bootleg: kof10th, 10th anv +bootleg: kf10thep, 10th anv 2005 bootleg: kf2k5uni, magic plus bootleg: kf2k2mp, magic plus II bootleg: kf2k2mp2, plus set1: kf2k2pls, plus set2: kf2k2pla)
    The King of Fighters 2003 (JP: kf2k3pcb, kof2003, set1 bootleg: kf2k3bl, set2 bootleg: kf2k3bla)
    The King of Fighters 2004 Plus / Hero 'The King of Fighters 2003 bootleg' (kf2k3pl)
    The King of Fighters 2004 Ultra Plus 'The King of Fighters 2003 bootleg' (kf2k3upl)
    The King of Fighters Special Edition 2004 'The King of Fighters 2002 bootleg' (kof2k4se)
    The Last Soldier 'Korean release of The Last Blade' (lastsold)
    The Super Spy (superspy) -bios8
    Thrash Rally (trally) * -bios8
    Top Hunter - Roddy & Cathy (set1: tophuntr, set2: tophunta) -bios8
    Top Player's Golf (tpgolf) * -bios8
    Twinkle Star Sprites (twinspri)
    Ultimate 11 - The SNK Football Championship / Tokuten Ou - The Honoo no Libero (ssideki4) -bios8
    V-Liner (set1: vliner, set2: vlinero)
    Viewpoint (viewpoin) *
    Voltage Fighter - Gowcaizer / Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer (gowcaizr)
    Waku Waku 7 (wakuwak7)
    WindJammers / Flying Power Disc (wjammers) -bios8
    World Heroes (set1: wh1, set2: wh1h)
    World Heroes 2 (wh2)
    World Heroes 2 jet (wh2j)
    World Heroes perfect (whp)
    Zed Blade / Operation Ragnarok (zedblade)
    Zintrick / Oshidashi Zentrix (hack / bootleg) (zintrckb)
    Zupapa! (zupapa)

    3countb - 1st time i tested this it worked fine, then a day later the same rom won't load. i remade the rom and it still won't load. WTF!
    bstars - w/all bios the bg grfx do not display, game is playable.
    irrmaze - sound issues. game requires non-emulated trackball.
    jockeygp - fails with all bios.
    neobombe - default language was spanish? hold B+A+X (A+B+C neogeo) at start for unvbios options, select USA as region for full English.
    neodrift - grfx jump making it difficult to play. more testing needed, but it looks like this is a limitation of the current build of neods and not the bios.
    pspikes2 - plays fine but there is no in game audio
    sonicwi2 - after character selection the sound crashes to a high pitched annoying tone.
    sonicwi3 - no sound during gameplay at all.
    spinmast - grfx are jumpy with problems, looks like a limitation ofthe current build of neods and not the bios.
    tpgolf - minor grfx jumping, game is very playable (well emulation wise, the game itself sucks!)
    trally - there is a grfx glitch everytime the car "jumps" yet game is highly playable.
    turfmast - Ozzy course has "moving" graphics. game is highly playable but the grfx glitches can get annoying.
    viewpoin - fails to load

    <strike>it seems you can not have more than 64 roms at a time or the menu in neods will selectively remove some for you. deleting and replacing roms only resulted in different roms being removed from the menu, but always those same roms on each boot up. any rom with a period in the name is removed. my assumptions are based on the probability of the names being associated with their file postfix. so a period in the middle of the name throws off the search for the ".neo," but i could be wrong as i've not viewed the source. so far i've found that cyberlip, eightman, goalx3, and gururin always appear in the list with uppercase letters. renaming them results in the renamed files appearing with all uppercase letters. deleting all roms and putting them back on, as well as changing the firmware had no positive results. the only way i was able to get them to be correctly alphabetized in the list was to add spaces to their names (IE: cyber lip, eight man, goal x3, guru rin).</strike>

    update to observations:
    after reading a post from the dev i have a few things to add. the listing <b>is</b> limited to 64 roms, you can not have any more. why he did this is beyond me as there is not an infinite number of neogeo supported arcade games. in fact the exact number is known, it would have made more sense to just support that number + 10. the app <b>is</b> looking for .neo so having a period anywhere in the name of a file will screw that up. oddly on a new setup the problem roms listed above are alphabetized in the list correctly. this new setup only included 64 roms. so perhaps something was amiss before. after soft-resetting nds roms for awhile and then booting neods i had graphic issues, backgrounds were not displaying. a quick reboot of the nds fixed it. could be a ram issue, could be something else. just fyi.
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  2. PizzaPasta

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    Jan 2, 2008
    United States
    I'm glad that you like to make lists.

    Thanks for this, I know it will come in handy.
  3. Another World

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    Jan 3, 2008
    lol. i just hate flipping back and forth between web browsers and applications. i keep so much stuff open and idle as it is, the less the better.

    -another world
  4. PizzaPasta

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    Jan 2, 2008
    United States
    Why hasn't this been stickied yet?

    Sidenote: I just noticed your link to Another World for GBA. Awesome. I am going to play the shit out of that.

    Mods; Seriously, this could use a sticky. PLZ?
  5. Curley5959

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    Feb 2, 2008
    Yeah, this needs stickying, definitely.. [​IMG]
  6. Another World

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    Jan 3, 2008
    i play either the xp anv edition or the gba port atleast once a day. my dream would be to see a REAL solid homebrew project that is a direct sequel. the one for sega-cd (heart of the alien) just never seemed that good to me. even tho it continues the story it doesn't feel like a proper sequel. also the 3do version has really sweet colors added to it, it is also worth a play.

    and if your are interested give this a read: http://www.anotherworld.fr/anotherworld_uk/another_world.htm

    -another world
  7. PizzaPasta

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    Jan 2, 2008
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    Yeah, this game is one of the best. I first played it on SNES and I was blown away by how great it was (and how difficult it was). I'm really glad I saw that in your sig, I had no clue it existed and I've been wanting to play it for awhile but after reading that link and seeing that it was re-released for xp, I'll give that a try as well.

    Another World is one of my favorite games ever. The first time I played it I couldn't believe that there was hardly any separation between the gameplay and the story. It was definitely the first time I had seen that idea achieved so well. There are a lot of games that have tried to imitate Another World's style ever since and nothing can come close to how flawlessly this game delivers a true interactive cinematic experience. It's wonderfully done.

    That link was really interesting, thanks for sharing. I really liked reading all of the differences between the ports, especially the Sega and Nintendo section, I am a sucker for Nintendo being absurd (*cough Maniac Mansion *cough).

    And yeah, a sequel would be excellent, Heart of the Alien was fun but it was more or less the same game. Thanks again man!

    EDIT: Awesome! They stickied it!
  8. cmccmc

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    Oct 30, 2008
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    i've never heard of the game. Is it any good?

  9. Another World

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    Jan 3, 2008
    if your asking about another world? yeah. keeping in mind its a action adventure game coded by 1 person on an amiga computer during a 2yr period. he wrote all his own tools and designed the entire game using vector graphics years before anyone else ever thought about it. originally eric had trouble publishing the game because the entire thing fit on 1 floppy and people thought it either sucked or skimped on the art. he had just mastered saving space by using vector graphics.

    you should dl it and give it a try. the gba port by foxy softs is a free rom with no license attached to it. legal to download and enjoy.

    -another world
  10. Tall Alien

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    how can i get snk vs capcom plus to work?
  11. z2akuma

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    Jan 30, 2009
    United States
    I am struggling with this too. Is there a step by step anywhere?
  12. Another World

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    Jan 3, 2008
    this thread isn't designed to post about solving your problems. you should have each made a proper post in the forum not this stickied thread. anyways are you talking about "SVC Chaos - SNK vs. CAPCOM (jamma pcb set1: svcpcb, jamma pcb set2: svcpcba, mvs: svc, mvs bootleg: svcboot, +bootleg set1: svcplus, +bootleg set2: svcplusa, super+bootleg: svcsplus)" ?

    -another world
  13. shinnyuuya

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    Jul 20, 2009
    Just asking : can NeoDS play a game bigger than 100mb?
  14. Another World

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    Jan 3, 2008
    what game is 100+ mb converted? why don't you just test and find out instead of posting here?

    -another world
  15. SkyintheSea

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    Sep 15, 2008
    United States
    Great thread!!! Helped a lot!
  16. chaotic_soma

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    Sep 3, 2009
    Thanks for this thread helped weed out some games, Shame that It mainly works only for SNK games poor Capcom I was hoping to play SFEX2 on my DS so damn.
  17. Yusuky

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    Apr 27, 2008
    i'm trying to convert Marvel Vs Capcom Clash of Heroes to test, but i'm not being able (the converter seems to ignore the rom) is it just a problem with the rom or it's that mvsc isn't a neo geo rom or something like this?

    I've already tried with 2 different roms (of the same game)
  18. Langlest

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    Jan 6, 2009
    that is a cps2 rom [​IMG]
  19. 5%

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    Dec 25, 2008
    Is it possible to trim NeoGeo roms?

  20. mauifrog

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    Jan 21, 2010
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    That is good news. You syscheck looks good
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