Needing current information, buying new 3DS.

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    So I was reading the FAQ a bit, but I'm getting a strong impression that some of the information about required "Versions" to get a working 3DS flashcart going on a 3ds is out of date. So I'm just going to ask straight up here, as I'm hoping to buy a 3ds in the next month or so.

    Is looking for a specific version necessary, or are there flashcarts that work on all of them? The gateway seems to be up to 9.2, but the sky3ds doesn't require an exploit for whatever reason? Granted that I'm a low/mid-level user (I can handle software, but hardware modifications are a no-go), any current advice on a cart? Is now a bad time to buy a 3ds, due to a recent update/upcoming card release?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer on this!
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    I just grabbed a n3ds xl from an electronics store here in the northeast, and it came with 9.6 firmware. I updated it with a YoKai to 9.9 and then downgraded to 9.2 (You dont need to update first, but I did... meh)
    Works fine and dandy like sour candy.
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    Now is a good time to buy a 3ds because all 3ds available on the market are technically exploitable, though the firmware you get can lead to varying degrees of risk(potential for bricking) as anything above 9.2 essentially requires you to take on a somewhat unstable downgrade process. Secondly, you don't really need a flashcart to play "backups" so if you're confident about picking through these forums(specifically the tutorials section) you can save yourself some money. Read up on rxtools/reinand. Cheers.
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    Sky3DS works by pretending to be exactly like a normal cartridge, so it doesn't really use an exploit. There is a new encryption that caused problems with existing Sky3DS carts on new games, but Sky3DS released another version which solves that. Gateway uses an exploit.

    As the poster above noted, anything you can buy in a store now is exploitable (although firmware 9.3-10.3 means you have to use an unstable downgrader), and free custom firmware lets you do almost anything you could use a flash cart for.including pirate games. Just don't update with Nintendo, since the current firmware is 10.5.

    Gateway has promised a 10.3 exploit without downgrading. I would imagine that once they get it out, hackers will analyze it and free firmware will start using it.
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    Yes, this is not out yet.

    If you go to a smaller or slower store you can probably find an older model with lower firmware. Amazon usually has bundles availble and such from sellers but the prices can vary, but a bundle or special edition is nice because you can judge the age of the system by when that edition was released.

    During blacl Friday I grabbed the Super Mario 3D land XL Bundle from Walmart and it was 6.2