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    got a DSi from ebay with the ACEKARD 2i and i need some help
    1. some times the card can't bee seen in the DSI = read the and making a paper right now, just wanted to know if there are more things that can make this happen
    2. the dsi is now 1.4u and i know there is newer version, how do i chech if the patch to the ACEKARD for 1.41 is there?
    3. can poping the sd card from the ACE while the dsi is off and the card in it harm the ACE?

    thx for the help
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    ak2i is known to have (and develop over time) contact issues. if you are having them try the paper trick and see if it helps. try "THIS" link for more information on the paper trick.

    info on the dsi flashable updates:

    removing the msd card from the acekard while the acekard is inserted into the dsi could add unwanted pressure on the dsi slot pins, it could also be a cause of contact issues. we recommend you take the acekard out each time you want to remove the microsd card.

    -another world