Need some documentations about Gateway (menu and .3ds)

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  1. MrMandraque

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    Jun 22, 2015
    Hello everybody,

    I search some informations about .3ds/.3dz files:

    • what's a .3ds file?
    • It's an archive?
    • It's a raw .img?
    • It's a mixup?
    • how is built?
    • What makes a .3ds file is a .3ds file and not a pancake?! (yes it's ridiculous, but the term makes me laugh!)
    • What the difference between .3ds and .3dz files (yes, the headers and what else?)
    • How Gateway load .3ds? (how to mount the .3ds file?)
    What do we know about MultiROM menu?


    • How it work?
    • Is It hardware hack?
    • Is It a payload?
    • Is a native system functionality?
    • Is it possible to replicate this feature using a plugin like PSP's VSH plugins? (only the menu without functionality)
    I continued my research, if you have any links, thank you in advance.