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    this is the link to my other post for my first ever downloaded wii game and needed to know how to make it work.just to let you know the game was wii music and it is working perfect on my soft modded wii.

    i need to know something about using cios installer.
    alright when i used cios installer i used it once for wii music then i used the gamma launcher.i powered off my wii and took the cd out.i noticed the game disappeared,of coarse i knew that would happen.the only to keep the game loaded in the cd is to not take the cd out.
    then i went back into my homrbrew channel instead of installing cios i just lunched gamma and the game was there.

    i want to know from now do i only have to install cios installer once for each game or is installing it once going to work for my other wii other downloads i'm getting soon as my downloads finishes.

    sorry for this post but i'm only getting about 75KBsps.that is why i am downloading right now one game at a time.i don't finish my downloads in the same day so i was hoping someone could give me this information because right now i am unable to test this for myself.
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    cios installer once, gamma for every game
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    Couldnt u just read the guides and not spam this forum? Search first ask later