1. nop90

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    Jan 11, 2014
    On a local pawn there is a psp at 25€ which has fixed output video cable and something like a micro usb cable.

    It should be a model from a demo kiosk. I searched on google but I can't find useful tech infos about this model.

    I would like to know if this model is playable like any other model, or if it has some hw limitations.

    Another interesting thing will be to know if the video output is a something standard that can be converted to vga or to any other modern tv input, so that one can play it on TV.

    Last thing, I don't like very much playing games, I'm more interested in playing with hardware and coding (at the moent i'm focused on the 3ds) and I'd like to mod the console to code some homebrew for PSP.

    I know fw and model limitations to mod a PSP, but being this something not standard I'd like to have some hints to check if this model is moddable. Maybe it's enough to check the FW, but if I go to the store asking to test the psp, I want to have in advance all the needed info to evaluate the buying.
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  2. fate6

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    Aug 2, 2014
    United States
    Did it look anything like this?

    If so then its a controller for a Dev or Test kit and is useless on its own, as in you can't even turn it on.
    You need one of these to use it.

    BTW in case you want one of these kits they are cool and all but they are a huge pain to actually use so IMHO just get yourself a retail system and enjoy coding with CFW and the scene SDK instead.
    (unless you're a nerd like me then you find the struggle is half the fun!)
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