need help with wiiflow and genplus problem :(

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    May 20, 2015
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    Hi i have a softmod vwii had everything on a sd as far as the homebrew apps and got a 500gb hdd decided to move my homebrew channel to the hdd made a fat partition for it & moved everything from the sd to the hhd. then boot homebrew channel open nes and snes no problems along with configurable usb loader and usbloader gx but then i load genplus and i get a wiiflow loading screen and it loads to a screen for wiiflow saying(no partition or wbfs found) but no controller response and or a code dump same happens when booting wiiflow have most recent cios and svn builds for both did some older builds got genplus to stop loading wiiflow but i cant use my pro controller anymore :( and wiiflow is still fubar :wink: been trying to get genplus with pro contoller support to work agian and now i get a code dump or it puts the controller in player slot 2 then turns off. any ideas on fixing either would be appreciated.. :rolleyes: