Need Help with the audio in my Videos PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by Centrix, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I torrented a dual audio version of all 9 seasons of Dragonball Z uncut and Remastered but they came with the crappy Japanese music, I can't find the Tri-audio one any where for DL. So I want to remove the Audio and replace it with the Funimation music is this at all possible? I've have heard that people have done this successfully but not sure as to how?

    I hope some one here can point me in the right direction I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so please mods move it to the right place thank you :P
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    Yeah it probably would want to be in computers or books, TV......

    "crappy Japanese music".... I certainly appreciate you might want the audio of your youth as far as TV shows go but that does seem to be in deference. I am certainly not in a position to debate your choice (it is your choice) and assuming the video they go with is identical (cuts, reedits and such are quick common) is changes nothing as far as technical issues go.

    Anyway the tools you want to search for are called muxers and demuxers- there are some heading towards universal ones but realistically you want one for each type of container (to save going into what a container is for now the extension after the video)

    As far as I am concerned there are three options for video containers suitable for general use with others being proprietary nonsense the use of which is only justified if you have a technical reason to use it although there is a slim exception for OGM.

    1) AVI
    Old and knackered but supported everywhere so it sticks around. Unless you have one audio track, video in XVID and do not need soft subtitles in the same file you are good.
    The ones below have a single standalone toolkit but there is lots for AVI. has a muxer but frankly everything half decent in the video world does starting with and ending with tools like

    2) MP4
    Supports pretty much everything but subtitles (it does have a weird subtitles format/option but I will run away screaming if I have to deal with MP4 time text again).
    MP4box is the be all and end all of MP4 until you hit ultra high end professional video that might want some of the extra features to be handled all in one. although you will probably want to find a GUI for it ( is the one that still sees updates and I would suggest you go with although I do like YAMB if I need a standalone one).

    3) MKV
    Supports it all and seen on several standalone players but not as many as MP4 or AVI. Other than the slightly greater lack of support is it can be harder to get things out of it (MKVextract being the tool of choice here) but do try anyway. is the tool people use, if they appear not to it is probably a frontend for those tools or the source being ported into the program.

    Sometimes you might have to extract the audio first if you have it on another source but several of these tools are good enough to handle it all and spit out the file you want in the end. If you are using something like avidemux generally speaking you load the video, make sure the video is set to "copy source" (or something like it) and then select the audio as an external track.
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