Need help with Retroarch and FBA ..

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    Mar 7, 2015
    Hello guys,

    I going insane with arcade emulator lol I have a romset of mame 0.161 for PC, then I can play terminator 2 on my PC but I want to play it over wii. I try WiiMame, but cant get terminator 2 to work, can't find the romset that work with wiimame with terminator 2..

    Then I discover retroarch, I downloaded last stable release 1.3.6, but I dont know on wich core terminator 2 belong to ?

    Plus, I cant find anywhere a romset for core fba, all I find is romset for fba, so how I can update cores on wii ? I look at the website but didnt found any doc or link to update the cores ..

    thanks for your help :)