Need help with my powersave problems

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    Ok, I will start from the start. So today I went over to my local Gamestop to get myself one of these nifty Powersaves people have been talking about. So when I get home, I go to my personal computer, and go on the website that it says in the manual/Quick Guide, but every time I try to access the site, google chrome says "This webpage is not available." Okay, no biggie, so I go google "Powersaves" and this website is the first thing that comes up. I notice that it is the website I was redirected to when I typed in the first website that was said on the manual/Quick Guide of my powersave. So I click on the website, and same thing happens. "This webpage is not available" So I retry both of the websites over and over, and every time it says the same thing. So then I think, "maybe its just my crappy $300 computer acting up." So I go to my brothers computer, went on both of the sites, everything worked fine. Went to our family computer/laptop, went on both websites, everything works fine. I decide to download the powersave program on our family laptop, and start using it on there, and it works fine, I get all my cheats and everything. But the family laptop is an old piece of shit, I would rather use my computer for it. So since I couldn't download the Powersave program on my computer, because the webpages are still unavailable on my computer, I went on my friends Skype, sent the setup file for the powersave program (he already had it installed) to my Skype account. I download the file, starts up fine. So when I put in my Pokemon X game into the powersave device, it recognizes the game just fine, but in about 30 seconds it says "The Web Operation Failed." So I am guessing it fails because for some reason the webpage for the powersaves servers are "unavailable" for this computer and only mine. I try putting other games in it such as "Super Mario 3D Land" and "Mario Kart 7" and this time the web operations do not fail but instead for the cheats it says "No online content available" which is obviously not true because it works fine on the laptop, and the cheats show up. So all I can do with MK7 and Super Mario is create backups for their files, which I don't need at all.

    TL;DR: Powersave websites/servers don't work on my and only my computer which makes me sad.

    So if you know or might know how to fix this problem, PLEASE, either PM me or reply to this thread as soon as you can.

    My Fix: *Youtube Video*