need help with gc fire emblem in dolphin.

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    [​IMG][​IMG]i'd like to note that my pc is powerful enough to handle sonic generations,xenoblade,mario kart wii and etc very smoothly,almost perfect.this should be easier to handle,and since it's at full speed i really don't think this is the problem.but let's get to the problem itself.

    simply put,whatever things that appear at the left and right borders of the battle map are if they were covered in fog,you can see the outlines,and the colors of the characters,but thing like ground and trees not,unless they are closer are to the center of the's a huge blank when the game overviews the map before i can control my units,heavily minimized when i can.i scrolled the camera and i think they just can't see the textures,i see an ocean in the left corner,and a land that comes from it,the land is blank,the ocean isn't.

    i could post a screenshot of the problem,but i have no idea how.i do have one form the emulator's screenshot feature but as far as uploading that,i'm clueless.

    also,i know this is,in the end,about the gc,but dolphin emulates the wii as well,and i didn't see a gc board.

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    What plugin are you using? I've played across several different versions of the emulator without any problems, other than the sound cutting out.

    However there is one big problem that many people have experienced: in many revisions of the emulator, the game becomes increasingly unstable as you progress, to the point where many people get recurring crashes that are unavoidable. There are a couple older revisions which don't show this problem, and you can play in whichever revision you prefer until you hit this problem. Then you can switch to the other compatible revision, copy your save over, and resume playing without any problems. I don't know if the latest version of the emulator has fixed this problem, but it was persistent for many players over the past few years, if my memory serves.

    I think there was a fix for the sound issue as well, but I don't remember what it was :/ Hopefully some better answers or suggestions come your way :)