Need Help with E-UAE

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    Aug 12, 2009
    hi there i need some help with installing a amiga emulator on my wii.

    I am yousing the guide on but its dossent work for me XD

    Wenn i open the program in HBC its say : opening cfgfile /Uae/Uaerc..... .......ok
    opening cfgfile /Uae/Uaerc.saved... Failed
    opening cfgfile /Uae/Uaerc.User......Failed

    Raw Keys not Supported...

    Then i press A on the its says : Error while reading Kickstart

    i have kickstart.1.3 and its placed in the rot of the SD card /Uae/Roms/kick.rom i have tryed to put the file Amiga-os-130.rom from the Amiga forever cd into same place and its doent work

    do i place the rom in a rong folder in the guide its says : Copy /uae/roms/amiga-os-130.rom to /uae/roms/kick.rom on your SD card.

    can somone tell me what to do step for step so i understand what to do [​IMG]