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    hey, i just recently downloaded homebrew & usb loader gx on my wii, i'm a total beginner to all this. upon trying to play gamecube games, i updated the boot file on usb loader, but now my games won't load and it tells me i need to open usb loader gx from the homebrew channel to play it, because it needs permission from AHS or something like that. Then i discovered i have an old version of homebrew, and i'm wondering how i could update it and everything else to the current version so i can play these games? to my knowledge i'm using the most recent version of Nintendon't for the gamecube games, but a version of homebrew below 1.07 (or whichever it is). any advice on doing this?
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    Jul 23, 2017
    • Wi-Fi method: If you have your Wii connected to the Internet it will ask you to auto update it. Update it and you'll have the latest version!

    • Manual method: On your computer, download the latest version of BootMii, extract it and put it in the "apps" folder of your Wii's SD Card/USB drive (whatever you use for homebrew apps). Then launch BootMii from the Wii's homebrew channel.
    Homebrew Channel
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