Need help understanding USBLoaderGX and Neek

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    Aug 7, 2018
    Hi guys,

    For a couple of days I've been trying to get a Wii to run 3rd party games like N64.

    I bought a 16GB Sandisk SD card and used Letterbomb. I then put homebrew on it along with some emulators, like Not64. All fine and I understand how it works. Super Mario 64 runs excellent.

    However, because some games, like Paper Mario, and Banjo Tooie don't work well, I searched online and found 'Neek'.
    I followed a tutorial on this site to install it with USBLoaderGX. I picked neek2o (removed link, can't post it because I'm a new member)

    I ignored this site, but it tells to compile Sneek? (removed link, can't post it because I'm a new member)

    UsbLoaderGX setup was easy, but the Neek was difficult and I don't understand how to use it.

    I dumped the NAND and got UsbLoaderGX to read it, all fine. I then used the 'manual' installation to get sneek on the SD card. Selecting the option to load it in the 'features' pane in UsbLoaderGX's option menu froze the Wii (black screen, even after 30 minutes - Why is there no fucking error screen one would wonder). I fixed this by moving the folders in the nand directory to the root of the SD (I hate this though, don't want a lot of files in the root).

    So, now I can boot sneek, it looks exactly like the UsbLoaderGX and I can use the 'hidden menu's. I also have a tile to launch Sneek but I have no idea what that does.

    As you can read, I understand nothing of how to use it. Do you need to launch it within the features panel of USBLoaderGX every time? I installed the WAD to put the tile of Sneek on the emulated NAND screen in USBLoaderGX but how does that differentiate from the features - > start Sneek option?
    Do I start my games with the hidden panel or by clicking the tile on the screen?

    Also Paper mario has it's music messed up when started with Sneek OR UsbLoaderGX.

    To start games I apparently have these options:
    Homebrew channel - > Usb Loader GX - > Not64.
    Homebrew Channel - > Not64
    Homebrew Channel - > Usb Loader Gx -> Sneek -> Not64
    Homebrew channel - > Usb Loader GX -> Sneek -> Hidden menu: Paper Mario
    Homebrew channel - > Usb Loader GX -> Select Paper mario on screen
    Homebrew channel - > Usb Loader GX -> Sneek -> Select Paper mario on screen

    What's the best option? What's the difference between the options?

    Can USBLoaderGX only load WAD's and disc images?

    I'm lost here, so if someone can explain these things and how to use Sneek I would be grateful.