Need Help Ps3, Red Light -> green Light -> (after ~7 seconds) no light.

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    Aug 15, 2014
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    When i turn the ps3 on it goes from Red Light -> green Light -> (after 7 seconds) no light , how do i fix it ?
    The fan test is working . So most probably the PSU is okay.
    I have gotton the GPU reballed that didn't help :(.
    Also tried replacing the PSU that didn't work either.
    I have even opened it my self and checked everything to see if there was a leaking capacitor or a short. Everything looks okay.
    I also tried powering it on without the Blue ray drive that didn't work either.
    It is giving me the same issue. Can anyone help me here. I seriously have no idea what to do . I can't send it to sony because i live in pakistan (shipping will cost as much as getting a new ps3).
    :( Need Help.

    My PS3 Model is CECH-3004B.