Need help fixing/formatting my broken EmuNAND

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    Sep 15, 2015
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    Recently I turned my SysNAND into a permanent CFW with updatable firmware on 10.6, which is awesome. But upon finishing the end of the tutorial I was following as I reinjected my backed up SysNAND partitions into EmuNAND, my EmuNAND no longer booted. I must've read passed something or not payed enough attention to what I was doing.
    Anyway, my SysNAND is fine with the files my EmuNAND used to have on it, so I really only need EmuNAND for Decrypt9 and EmuNAND9 (amongst other possible things.) But it's a feature I'm really not wanting to go without.
    Could ANYONE have the answer I'm looking for to repair/format my EmuNAND to have it working again?

    When trying to boot EmuNAND all I get is a black screen, which I'm forced to power off and return to SysNAND for any functionality at all.
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