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    I am just a Dad of two boys (9 & 12) and step below "casual gamer". They have been hounding me for a Wii U for two years and this year Santa is going to come through. We have a Wii with 4 motes and no other consoles. I have some PC handled controllers but they just use the mouse and keyboard.

    For obvious reasons I can't ask them about controllers.

    They will start with the standard Mario titles and maybe a Zelda, no M games yet. Smash bros is on their list of games and I think they played it with the standard Wii remote and nunchuck on the Wii.

    From my research so far it seems the GC controller is preferred by many enthusiasts of Smash, but is of limited utility for other games and I have heard negative comments about Smash with the Wii remote. Should I be including a couple of Pro Controllers in their stockings or something else?

    We have one 3DS but I recall reading that it was not a good idea to put it under the stress of playing with the Wii U.

    Thanks for helping me out.
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    If it's for Smash and you don't want to pay too much then buy a bunch of third party unbranded Chinese GameCube controllers and they'll do the job fine.

    Hori GameCube controllers act as a Wii Classic Controller but with the design of an NGC controller so it's usable for pretty much all games that support it, as well as PDP and the other types of controllers that shove up Wiimote's ass.
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    If they played smash on wii with wii remotes then they will have no problems playing the wii u version with them either.
    It could be worth while getting one extra pro controller so one can play with the gamepad and one with the pro controller but they should just be happy they have a wii u
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    if youre going to buy a gamecube controller make sure you also buy the gamecube controller adapter which I know now cost a lot because its needed. prices went up due to its scarcity(ran out of stock but it will be re-shipped on some retailers) but gamecube controlers realy are the best for smash but for now it only works for that game.