NDS Lite Screen Problems

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    Jan 20, 2014
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    I was about to replace my NDS Lite case, hinge and touchscreen.

    Everything went very smooth, but after the replace process my top LCD screen won't work anyone.

    As first I thought I hadn't plugged the ribbon cable properly in, so I opened it again to fix that (3 times now), but that only changed the issue (switch between 1 and 2) and now the new touchscreen also won't work.

    So my question is if I'm just too stupid to plug it in proberly, since I was very gently with the top LCD cable so it shouldn't be broken or if I broke anything else that could cause this issues.

    Excuse the image quality.

    Issue 1:
    nds (2).jpg nds (3).jpg nds (4).jpg

    The amount of lines depends on the normally shown image on the top screen

    Issue 2:
    nds (6).jpg

    This always show the same amount of lines.