Naruto Shippuden: Ryujinki

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by TheWon, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. TheWon

    TheWon GBAtemp Fan

    Sep 30, 2008
    United States
    It seems like there is some kind of update on the game. Maybe similar to NSMBWii.
    I tried to scrubb the game. There are no Errors in it. There is a update in the game I can see. Under Partition 0 and sys with alot of wads, and other stuff. Finally ending with update info TWN or something. What tools do I use to remove the update. Can I just use Wiiscrubber and exact the update? I have preloader to maybe by pass it. All I got was a error message. I tried through Disc Channel using C 3.5, and Usbloader GX. It seems like the game will not play. Any tips?

    List of wads
      /_sys/IOS50-64-v4889.wad  2 FIRMWARE50.19.25 64M FIRMWARE50.19.25 64M for system menu   /_sys/RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v384.wad  € SYSTEM MENU ver384 SYSTEM MENU ver384   /_sys/IOS10-64-v768.wad 
     FIRMWARE10.3.0 64M FIRMWARE10.3.0 64M   /_sys/IOS11-64-v256.wad   FIRMWARE11.1.0 64M FIRMWARE11.1.0 64M   /_sys/IOS12-64-v11.wad  FIRMWARE12.0.11 64M FIRMWARE12.0.11 64M   /_sys/IOS13-64-v15.wad 
     FIRMWARE13.0.15 64M FIRMWARE13.0.15 64M   /_sys/IOS14-64-v262.wad   FIRMWARE14.1.6 64M FIRMWARE14.1.6 64M   /_sys/IOS15-64-v265.wad   FIRMWARE15.1.9 64M FIRMWARE15.1.9 64M   /_sys/IOS17-64-v517.wad   FIRMWARE17.2.5 64M FIRMWARE17.2.5 64M   /_sys/IOS20-64-v256.wad   FIRMWARE20.1.0 64M FIRMWARE20.1.0 64M   /_sys/IOS21-64-v522.wad  
    FIRMWARE21.2.10 64M FIRMWARE21.2.10 64M   /_sys/IOS22-64-v777.wad   FIRMWARE22.3.9 64M FIRMWARE22.3.9 64M   /_sys/IOS28-64-v1292.wad   FIRMWARE28.5.12 64M FIRMWARE28.5.12 64M   /_sys/IOS30-64-v2816.wad   FIRMWARE30.11.0 64M FIRMWARE30.11.0 64M   /_sys/IOS31-64-v3088.wad    FIRMWARE31.12.16 64M FIRMWARE31.12.16 64M   /_sys/IOS33-64-v2832.wad  !  FIRMWARE33.11.16 64M FIRMWARE33.11.16 64M   /_sys/IOS34-64-v3087.wad  "  FIRMWARE34.12.15 64M FIRMWARE34.12.15 64M   /_sys/IOS35-64-v3088.wad  #  FIRMWARE35.12.16 64M FIRMWARE35.12.16 64M   /_sys/IOS36-64-v3090.wad  $  FIRMWARE36.12.18 64M FIRMWARE36.12.18 64M   /_sys/IOS37-64-v3609.wad  % FIRMWARE37.14.25 64M FIRMWARE37.14.25 64M   /_sys/IOS4-64-v65280.wad  ÿ FIRMWARE4.255.0 64M FIRMWARE4.255.0 64M   /_sys/IOS53-64-v4113.wad  5 FIRMWARE53.16.17 64M FIRMWARE53.16.17 64M   /_sys/IOS55-64-v4633.wad  7 FIRMWARE55.18.25 64M FIRMWARE55.18.25 64M   /_sys/IOS9-64-v520.wad   FIRMWARE9.2.8 64M FIRMWARE9.2.8 64M   /_sys/RVL-bc-v5.wad    BC ver5 BC ver5   /_sys/RVL-mios-v9.wad   MIOS ver9 MIOS ver9   /_sys/RVL-Eulav_JP-v2.wad  HAKJ  CHANNEL HAKJ ver2 CHANNEL HAKJ ver2   /_sys/RVL-Forecast_JP-v7.wad  HAFJ  CHANNEL HAFJ ver7 CHANNEL HAFJ ver7   /_sys/RVL-News_JP-v7.wad  HAGJ  CHANNEL HAGJ ver7 CHANNEL HAGJ ver7   /_sys/RVL-NigaoeNR-v6.wad  HACA  CHANNEL HACA ver6 CHANNEL HACA ver6   /_sys/RVL-photo2-v2.wad  HAYA  CHANNEL HAYA ver2 CHANNEL HAYA ver2   /_sys/RVL-Shopping-v10.wad  HABA
  2. longtom1

    longtom1 Keep an eye on my posts cause I quick edit frequen

    Jan 12, 2009
    Honey Oils inc.
    just use Wiizle Diizle Shiizle or WUI1.1 to remove the update any brick blocker will do
  3. dn_angel000

    dn_angel000 Phantom User

    Apr 27, 2010
    United States
    I have Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution on USB Loader GX, so which IOS do I need 2 install 2 get around the Black Screen on boot up?? lol
  4. resincake

    resincake GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 21, 2009
    You seriously post your issue as a reply to a 6 month old thread, just because the game name is in the title, rather than posting your own topic outlining your specific problem ? Good luck with that ..

    And when you do post your own topic, use the correct forum.

    I havent played this, so I cant offer you a solution, but take note what I said above, and you'll have more chance of somebody helping you.
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